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New Years Gives You a New Chance for Better Health

Posted by amykr on December 31, 2009

As the year ends we know that some very notable people have had health issues the last couple of weeks. Britney Murphy died after a short unidentified illness, Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital after experiencing chest pain and Urban Meyer has taken an indefinite leave from coaching after two health emergencies. This time of year reminds us that our health is our most important asset and should be treated as such. Here are a few things you can do that might help.

Have your yearly physical. Many people feel they should only see the doctor if they are feeling sick. If you value your health and your pocketbook then spending a little wellness time with your doctor is worth it. Your physician will know what tests you need yearly. They may also see something you may miss such as mole that might look a little strange or a change in your skin tone. If you do not have insurance consider taking advantage of the Seminole and Orange County Health Department or Apopka Family Medicine, these facilities can help you find affordable health care and inoculations for your children.

Invest in exercise. You do not need to join a gym. If you are looking for information about exercise there are some great places for free to learn more about it. and are both free and have experts who give information on work outs. If you are looking for people to walk or exercise with try They have many different groups and if you can not find one you want you can always start one.

Educate yourself. There are many great websites our there., and are great sources for information from many different professionals. If you have questions it is always good to ask your healthcare professional, if they are unavailable a website where professionals are sharing information are great places to find generic information about medications, tests or conditions. Your local hospital also has educational classes throughout the year. Just give a call and ask for the community education department.

Create a healthy eating plan. This is one place where the internet excels and where it fails. There are more sites about eating, diet and food then just about anything else. The trick is to find the healthy information that does not cost you anything. has their yearly National Body Challenge that is free and has several perks including 14 day pass to Bally’s Health Club. has a custom food plan that is free as well. also has a food planner and program. All of these plans are based on a health balance food plan of 1200 to 1800 calories depending on the site.

This is just a starting point for the New Year. Each person has their own ideas about what they need to create a healthy and successful life. Just remember that the time spent being healthy will pay you back in ways you would not suspect.


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A Healthy Holiday Season with a Little Help

Posted by amykr on November 5, 2009

When we think of the holiday season, which starts the day after Halloween, many priorities are put aside. Getting fit and healthy is one of them. Generally the average person gains between 1 and 10 pounds. There are many different opportunities this year to help not just maintain your weight this year but to loose during the holidays.

Leanne Ellington, the owner of Not Your Average Boot Camp, a personal training and coaching program, is trying to change that. She also gives nutritional education and support with one on one coaching. She also understands the challenge of weight loss. She has walked the path of her clients; she has lost a significant amount of weight herself.

This holiday season she is offering 15 people the chance to experience her program free of charge. Each person will be working out in her boot camp three times a week, will be given a food plan to follow and her support though e-mail, weakly group calls and personal phone calls. She announced this opportunity and was immediately bombarded with applicants. She will be announcing the winners of this holiday gift on Friday.

This is also the season for races. The weather is perfect for walkers and runners. If the challenge of beating a time clock or to help raise money for a good charity then check out Fleet Feet in Altamonte Springs and Track Shack in Orlando. They sponsor most of the races in the area. Both these businesses also have classes to help you train properly and incredible employees to help people new and old to walking and running get the correct equipment. They can also test your stride to help find the best show for your gate.

If moral support and advice will help during the holiday season then there are multiple sites that deal with weight loss. Bill Phillip’s Transformation website is offering support through a holiday challenge. His free site offers support for looking at the physical, mental and community when loosing weight. Part of the goal planning is how participant can give to the community they live in.

This year there are many great opportunities to not just maintain your weight but to loose weight. Whether it is with a formal exercise program such as Leanne Ellington’s Not Your Average Boot Camp, training on your won for a race or going on line to find support, make this holiday season a healthy one.

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Extra Side Effect of One New Years Resolution

Posted by amykr on January 2, 2009

Many people suffer from insomnia. We work hard, relax little and suffer from input overload. As woman we also suffer from hormonal changes that can increase insomnia. What can you do about this if we do not wish to take medications?

One New Years resolutions that might be able to help is exercising. There are some rules thought. It works best in the morning according to Dr. Youngstedt’s research at University of California at San Diego. He found that it can help regulate the body’s internal clock also know as circadian rhythm based on when you do your exercise. That outdoor exercise has the added effect of light exposure which helps to regulate this rhythm as well. He also recommends that people with insomnia try exercising different times of the day as some people it does help to exercise in the evening.

Since many of us commit to exercise as part of the New Year it might help to try exercising in outdoor light, do small intervals throughout the day or to experiment with the time you exercise as a way for you to improve you sleep.

I hope you are having a great and productive New Year.

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