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A bit about Amy

For those who do not know me I am a mother first and foremost.  I have two beautiful children, Sam who just turned 16 and thinks he has to do everything the hard way and Melody, my artist, who would not know where the box was if you led her to it.  I take great pride in knowing that somewhere along the line I did something right because they are amazing human beings.

So now that I am done bragging for the moment a bit about me.  I am a sleep technologist and respiratory therapist.  That is the career I chose when I was young and believed that if I improved just one life then my life was important.  I still love my career and helping people to sleep better is greatly satisfying.  I enjoy every aspect of this field and love the way it has grown over the last 7 years.  It is the point of this blog to share some of this field with the world and maybe it will help those who are interested eithe rin having a sleep study or in going into the field of sleep medicine to gain a little insight.

In my free time I am a college study finishing my BA in organizational management with an emphesis on behavioral sciences.  I must admit along with sleep I love learning about what makes a business tick.  The adventure of going ack to school is very challenging but I find that I am able to use the knowledge I gain to make the sleep lab I manage run a little smoother.  I also have consulted with a sleep lab to help them get off on the right track and I score for another sleep lab. 

I am here to help those who are studying for there registry and need some one on one tutoring.  Not everyone can learn in a large lecture hall or via a computer program or book.  I ma here for those who like ot learn one on one on what they need to know about sleep.  I have done so many things and have been trained in areas I will probably never use again.  I am also one of those avid readers who wants to be up on all the latest in the field.  So let me help if you need it.


2 Responses to “A bit about Amy”

  1. Roxie said

    Hi Amy, All the best with your Tuesday night sleep group. Hope to see you again somewhere along the road of life. Hugs, Roxie

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