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The Johnson and Johnson Recall Expands

Posted by amykr on January 20, 2010

Johnson and Johnson’s McNeil division is now expanding the recall to 9 products due to the musty or moldy odor that was reported. What was worse is that people started complaining as early as May 2008 about the problem but the company did little to investigate the problem.

When the FDA finished their inspection of their Mexico plant the FDA they had 7 point warning letter that they have 15 days to reply to.

The following are the main products to be recalled:
• Children’s Motrin
• Children’s Tylenol
• Extra Strength Tylenol
• Regular Strength Tylenol
• Tylenol 8 Hour
• Tylenol Arthritis
• Tylenol PM
• Benadryl
• Motrin IB
• Rolaids
• Simply Sleep
• St. Joseph Aspirin
If you want more information about this recall please check Or if you have questions you can call McNeil at 888-222-6036
The FDA has a webpage for reporting any adverse reaction to these medications at their MedWatch site.


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