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New Years Gives You a New Chance for Better Health

Posted by amykr on December 31, 2009

As the year ends we know that some very notable people have had health issues the last couple of weeks. Britney Murphy died after a short unidentified illness, Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital after experiencing chest pain and Urban Meyer has taken an indefinite leave from coaching after two health emergencies. This time of year reminds us that our health is our most important asset and should be treated as such. Here are a few things you can do that might help.

Have your yearly physical. Many people feel they should only see the doctor if they are feeling sick. If you value your health and your pocketbook then spending a little wellness time with your doctor is worth it. Your physician will know what tests you need yearly. They may also see something you may miss such as mole that might look a little strange or a change in your skin tone. If you do not have insurance consider taking advantage of the Seminole and Orange County Health Department or Apopka Family Medicine, these facilities can help you find affordable health care and inoculations for your children.

Invest in exercise. You do not need to join a gym. If you are looking for information about exercise there are some great places for free to learn more about it. and are both free and have experts who give information on work outs. If you are looking for people to walk or exercise with try They have many different groups and if you can not find one you want you can always start one.

Educate yourself. There are many great websites our there., and are great sources for information from many different professionals. If you have questions it is always good to ask your healthcare professional, if they are unavailable a website where professionals are sharing information are great places to find generic information about medications, tests or conditions. Your local hospital also has educational classes throughout the year. Just give a call and ask for the community education department.

Create a healthy eating plan. This is one place where the internet excels and where it fails. There are more sites about eating, diet and food then just about anything else. The trick is to find the healthy information that does not cost you anything. has their yearly National Body Challenge that is free and has several perks including 14 day pass to Bally’s Health Club. has a custom food plan that is free as well. also has a food planner and program. All of these plans are based on a health balance food plan of 1200 to 1800 calories depending on the site.

This is just a starting point for the New Year. Each person has their own ideas about what they need to create a healthy and successful life. Just remember that the time spent being healthy will pay you back in ways you would not suspect.


6 Responses to “New Years Gives You a New Chance for Better Health”

  1. Health seems to always be a big resolution for the new years. The hard part is keeping up with your goals. I think that most people over look the simple things. You don’t have to join a gym or go on a crasy diet. You just need to change your small habits. Look for a healthy alternative to your eating habits. Drink one or two less sodas to start. Try to walk more. Sleep is a huge factor too. Make sure your sleep habits are good and you will start to feel and get healthier.

  2. Jennifer said

    Dear Amy.

    I find your blog very interesting and I really appreciate you putting the words out there on health and sleep issues. I was wondering if I can get your advice on something. My mother has always been a light sleeper all of her life. After she reached menopause, her sleep cycle has been severely disrupted. She basically cannot fall asleep at all during the night. Doctors have been prescribing her sleep medication since 2007 and she takes it (Ambience) along with Melatonin to fall asleep nightly. She also has a history of Hepatitis back in 2003 or so so we think that all the medications can’t be good for her liver. She is a simple lady and would not want anything more than to just be able to sleep. She would always say that she would trade anything just to be able to get a good night rest without having to use medication. It’s very hard to see something such as sleep that is taken for granted by so many of us to be so hard for someone you love. I have no idea what we can do for her. I was thinking of taking her to sleep study because I suspect it must be brain activity that is different. She doesn’t snore or gets restless in her sleep but she is someone prone to stress.

    Any direction you could suggest would be great. I am just looking for options and I certainly wont hold anything you say liable. I would just be grateful to hear any perspective on this at all…

    Thank you!

    • amykr said


      Your mother sound like she has a tough case. There could be many issues she could have. Her’s would be a case where a sleep specialist would be her best help. A board certified sleep specialist will have specialized education in sleep and the 87 disorders. if you go to the following website it will list accredited sleep labs in your area who can give you the name of a local specialist. It is worth the effort to see one.

      Many women develops significant sleep apnea after menopause and that may be part of her problem. There may also be other health issues they can look at.

  3. Noo! I’m using my iphone and I cant seem to be able to open the page right. I will be back to read this tonight when I get back from lecture. The topic looks like something I need to read.

  4. Not sure if I agree, anyways thanks for the information 😉 By the way, can I contact you about your blog?

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