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Mammograms; Understanding the Recommendations

Posted by amykr on November 19, 2009

Yesterday the US Preventative Services Task Force recommended that mammograms and breast self examination teaching be limited. The recommendation was to move screens from age 40 to age 50 for initial mammograms and to decrease them from yearly to every two years. They also felt that breast self exams should not be taught.

This task force is made up of volunteers to evaluate new and existing procedures and make sure they are used optimally. They do not have legislative power. They do not affect policy. They review research and make suggestions.

Katherine Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, was quick to say that Medicare and Medicaid will not be adopting these recommendations. As long as a patient’s doctor orders the procedure these health plans will pay. Other organizations such as The American Cancer Society stated that they do not agree with this recommendation and that they are encouraging women to talk to their physicians, having yearly mammograms at age 40 and clinical breast examinations yearly.

The big question that is still out there is how many private insurance companies will adopt this recommendation. This 14 person panel has reviewed information from specific studies. This group is made of people in research, medicine and business who used certain studies. They are not specialists in the field of cancer and there may be other studies that were not used. They also take into account cost effectiveness. “The most recent data show us that approximately 17 percent of breast cancer deaths occurred in women who were diagnosed in their 40s, and 22 percent occurred in women diagnosed in their 50s.”

Research is still going on to find more effective screening for breast cancer. New digital mammography allows for a better screening. Ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs are allowing for better and more noninvasive follow up for any abnormality. All of this has helped to decrease the death rate of breast cancer patients.

This announcement many cause concerns but it also brings up the necessity to look for other ways of effective screening. It is ultimately up to the patient and her physician to make the final choice of what would be the best choice.


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A Healthy Holiday Season with a Little Help

Posted by amykr on November 5, 2009

When we think of the holiday season, which starts the day after Halloween, many priorities are put aside. Getting fit and healthy is one of them. Generally the average person gains between 1 and 10 pounds. There are many different opportunities this year to help not just maintain your weight this year but to loose during the holidays.

Leanne Ellington, the owner of Not Your Average Boot Camp, a personal training and coaching program, is trying to change that. She also gives nutritional education and support with one on one coaching. She also understands the challenge of weight loss. She has walked the path of her clients; she has lost a significant amount of weight herself.

This holiday season she is offering 15 people the chance to experience her program free of charge. Each person will be working out in her boot camp three times a week, will be given a food plan to follow and her support though e-mail, weakly group calls and personal phone calls. She announced this opportunity and was immediately bombarded with applicants. She will be announcing the winners of this holiday gift on Friday.

This is also the season for races. The weather is perfect for walkers and runners. If the challenge of beating a time clock or to help raise money for a good charity then check out Fleet Feet in Altamonte Springs and Track Shack in Orlando. They sponsor most of the races in the area. Both these businesses also have classes to help you train properly and incredible employees to help people new and old to walking and running get the correct equipment. They can also test your stride to help find the best show for your gate.

If moral support and advice will help during the holiday season then there are multiple sites that deal with weight loss. Bill Phillip’s Transformation website is offering support through a holiday challenge. His free site offers support for looking at the physical, mental and community when loosing weight. Part of the goal planning is how participant can give to the community they live in.

This year there are many great opportunities to not just maintain your weight but to loose weight. Whether it is with a formal exercise program such as Leanne Ellington’s Not Your Average Boot Camp, training on your won for a race or going on line to find support, make this holiday season a healthy one.

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