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Is That Test Keeping your Kids Awake?

Posted by amykr on March 5, 2009

Since this is sleep awareness week and also FCAT week in Florida it would appear that the nature of the test would have an affect on the sleep of our children. It turns out it does. It also turns out that it matters what type of personality they have. The problem is that children need sleep to be able to learn, store and retrieve memory effectively and to grow. This is worse for children who are type A personalities. So how do we help our children get a good night sleep when they are worried about the test they are taking?

The first thing we need to do is explain why they need to not worry so much about these tests. The teachers may say these tests are the be all and end all but if we are stressing out our children so they can not sleep then we are definitely putting to much emphasis on the tests.

We need to create that same sleep routine for them whether it is a test day or not. That does not include just the same bed time but a good 20 minute routine that allows then to relax and tells their brain it is sleep time. A warm shower or bath before bed will help with that. Make sure they do not have computers, game systems or TVs in their room. If they get stressed in the morning lay out their clothes the night before. Make sure they have time for a good breakfast in the morning. And the most important thing tell them how much you love them and give them a hug and kiss (not in public if they are older like my son). It is the little things that help them to relax. It is the little things that will help them to sleep at night knowing that the world will not end because of 1 test.


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