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Sleep Awareness Week

Posted by amykr on March 3, 2009

With so much research going on in the field of sleep it is good that they have dedicated a week to helping people get a better nights sleep. This weeks research talks a great deal about the fact that as our economy deteriorates so does our ability to sleep. This leads to a more stress related society. I too am being hit by the economy just like everyone else is but I understand that it is an absolute necessity to make my body and my health a priority. The worse the economy gets the healthier I need to be. Sleep is essential to that. So I thought I would share some hints on how best to create a sleep environment that will help you to go to sleep.

The first thing you should know is the bedroom should only be for two things. Sleeping and sex. That means no televisions, no computers, no books.

Your bed is very important. It is where you will be resting your body for 6 to 8 hours a day. I do not say one particular amount of time because everyone is different and needs different amounts of sleep. As we get old we need less. Our teens need much more closer to 10 hours of sleep. Your mattress is a big investment. There is no right or wrong mattress. Our lab uses Sealy mattresses. I own a sleep number mattress and I have a Serta mattress for my son. The important thing is to try it before you buy it. And if you sleep with a spouse it needs to be comfortable for both of you. This was our solution to the fact that he likes a soft mattress and I like a hard mattress. The fact is though a mattress will not correct a true sleep disorder. If you have restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea the mattress will not change that. I have tried many mattresses at many places and I can tell you this they all can be comfortable to sleep on. It is not the price of the mattress but how you feel and fit when you lie down that counts.

To top that mattress there is the issue of bed linen and again that is a matter of taste, however make sure they are comfortable and you are not too hot or too cold. You want to be cool as that is the temperature that tells your brain it is sleep time. If you have to sleep with multiple pillow behind your head like you are sitting half was up because you snore. Talk to your doctor. This might mean you has a sleep disorder. Again with pillows find what is comfortable for you. I have seen everything from dog bone shaped pillows to body pillows and the one thing I always find it that it is the patient comfort that is important.

Curtains are important they should help keep the light and the noise out. Invest in good curtains. It is worth it for your health. Along with that remember to turn off all your lights.  Your brain is set up to sleep at night when it is dark.

The color of your room can also affect your sleep. Take it from someone who learned the hard way. My favorite color is yellow. Bright sunlight yellow. I painted my bedroom that color and never ever got more then 4 hours sleep in that room. Light jumps off the wall it stimulates the mind and it is not a good sleep environment. Paint your room a soothing color. Not a bright in your face color.

 No pets in the bedroom. I love my pets and I know you love yours but they will wake you up periodically at night. It might take a little training but they will be quiet outside your room. Finally make it a pleasant environment. Someplace you like to be. Hang pictures, put knick knacks make it that special place that is perfect for you to get a good nights sleep.

As always if you have any comment or questions do not hesitate to share them. I will always be happy to help.

 Amy Korn-Reavis, RRT, RPSGT has been in the respiratory field for over twenty years. She has worked in all areas and is currently focusing on sleep and how to help the community feel better by sleeping better. She is the manager of Emery Sleep Solutions an independent testing facility located in Apopka, Florida. If you have any questions about sleep or are looking for someone to speak at your community function she can be reached at or you can visit the facility’s website at


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