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Where do you get your medical information?

Posted by amykr on February 24, 2009



As a sleep tech and as a respiratory therapist I have learned a great deal from the web on where to get information.  I have learned how to find continuing education classes.  I am even attending college to finish my BA in business.  But one of the things I also do is look up new medications I take or ones my patients may be taking and I do not know.  I look up different conditions that I may not be as knowledgeable as I want to be.


It is sharing this knowledge that I think is the most important.  It is why I blog.  It is why I write what I learn.  But the fact is many people do not blog because they do not know how important it is.  This study article that was written by shows how little people understand the power of the internet and marketing.

Although most facilities have a website they do not do anything with it.  Even the number who answered the questionnaire was small.  This questionnaire was done by a company that helps physicians build their practices.  But even if you do not hire them they have an excellent newsletter filled with important information.  The sad part was how few practices actually answered the questionnaire and even fewer take advantage of educating the public.


As a field healthcare seems to like the status quo or to complain about what is wrong with care.  How many are actually out there putting information on the internet.  How many are telling the world about their practice, lab, and facility and in the process sharing their knowledge.  I say there are not enough of us.  And this survey shows it.  The fact that we do not optimize our sites or create newletters or any other helpful information just says we have not yet embraced this new cyberworld.


Of course it may be the fact that I have teenagers and that I grew up with pong and Commodore 64 computers in my high school that allows me to be open.  I also think that to me the most important thing I can do is share the word that sleep is important and that I and my fellow sleep professional want to help you get the best nights sleep of your life.


If you have any questions about sleep or if are just looking for a little more information please do not hesitate to ask or email or call.


Amy Korn-Reavis, RRT, RPSGT has been in the respiratory field for over twenty years.  She has worked in all areas and is currently focusing on sleep and how to help the community feel better by sleeping better.  She is the manager of Emery Sleep Solutions an independent testing facility located in Apopka, Florida.  If you have any questions about sleep or are looking for someone to speak at your community function she can be reached at or you can visit the facility’s website at


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