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Is your job causing you to loose sleep?

Posted by amykr on February 9, 2009

Our bodies are designed to be active, but in this day and age of desk jobs and sitting in front of the computer we may very well be causing our own sleep issues.  When we sit we do not allow our body to move fluids from our legs around out body.  This accumulation in our legs then gets moved around the body when we sleep and seem to accumulate in the upper body as we sleep, in particular the neck. 


What does this mean?  That if we are sedentary during the day that we increase our chances and the severity of our sleep apnea at night.  When our necks get bigger because of this extra fluid we put more pressure on our airways and that causes it to become partially or fully blocked. 


The other problem with being sedentary is very obvious and that is that it contributes to obesity. However, only about 40% of obstructive sleep apnea sufferers are obese.  So, if we reduce our chance of obesity then we can decrease the severity of sleep apnea or possibly eliminate it.    


This study just tells us what we already know.  Our bodies are happiest when we are moving.  If you have a desk job get up every hour or so and walk around for a few minutes will help to move the fluids that have accumulated in your legs by using the calf and thigh muscles.  This will not only help you to loose weight but will help you to sleep better at night.


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