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Help I can’t move when I wake up!

Posted by amykr on February 3, 2009

I had a lovely patient today that I was doing a home study on because she was having episodes of sleep paralysis. She said she went looking for answers on the internet and she said everything did not make sense to her. I sat her down for three minutes explained the problem and she left feeling much better and happy to be doing the home test. So this basically taught me two things. One, that there is not a clear explanation of sleep paralysis and two, patient care really requires a personal caring touch.

So I am going to handle number two first because it is easier for me to handle. The reason I took my job at Emery Sleep Solutions is because above all else they put the patient’s needs first. We go the extra mile to help the patient. These extra few minutes I took with this patient are really what health care is about. If your doctor or anyone else taking care of you does not do this, then look for someone better. You deserve the best care you can get.

Now to sleep paralysis and what it is. It is when your brain wakes before your body. It is not dangerous but it can be frightening. In some instances it can be associated with Narcolepsy but not in most cases. The best way is to describe it. You go into REM sleep. Your body releases hormones that keep you from acting out your dreams. You happen to wake up before your body is done dreaming and it takes a few seconds for those hormones to go away and let you move again. Now why did you wake out of REM. It could be just because something outside disturbed your sleep like a spouse snoring, it could be because you might have a mild form of sleep apnea or it could just be that your body was ready to wake up. What ever reason if you experience this often then talk to your doctor. If it only happens once in a while you now know what it is.

Have a good night’s sleep and if you have a sleep question do not hesitate to ask.


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