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So whats all this talk about restless legs

Posted by amykr on January 13, 2009

We see ads on television for medications for restless legs mostly sponsored by drug companies and so we wonder could I possible have this condition?  What is this condition? Do I really need another medication?

Television gives use a chance to be educated about ideas and condtions that are current.  But if you happen to be my mother then every time you see one of these comercials you wonder if this is what is wrong with you?  I am sure she is not the only one.  I am sure many people wonder the very same thing. 

I have had two patients that I believe describe it best.  One said she felt like little jolts of electricity run up and down her legs.  The other said she felt compelled to walk in circles for half the night. 

What causes it?  Well there are some ideas but mostly it is associated with certain conditions: Obesity, anemia, hypothyroid, preganacy. viamin defecincies and a hot of other health issues.  There is proof that some forms of restless leg syndrome runs in families.

So if you have it what can you do about it?  First as always talk to your primary care doctor.  He might want to do some tests.  Make sure you have a healthy diet, and reduce your use of unhealthy subastances like nicoteine, caffeine and alcohol. Get better sleep and exercise as these can help to reduce the feeling of restless legs. If these do not help then your physician may find that there are medications that could help.



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